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Elevate Your Fitness Studio with RiseUp Software – Unleash Automation for Streamlined Lead Management, Nurturing, and Google Reviews. Let Our Digital Team Keep Your Calendar Vibrant as You Focus On Improving Lives Through Your Studio.

Watch Leads Become Paying Clients in Real-Time

Nurture your leads from cold to paying client.



Connect with up to 400% more leads by reaching out within 30 seconds!



Convert up to 250% more leads by automating 6+ touchpoints!

Results Within Seconds

Optimize your sales process with proven automation sequences for text messages, phone calls, and email. Create a leak-proof follow-up schedule that fills your calendar faster than ever.


Track and Manage

Know exactly where all your leads come from and which leads turn into patients.
The ultimate way to ensure your business keeps growing month, after month, after month.

State-of-the-Art Features in Boutique Fitness Software

Unlock Essential Tools for Accelerated Growth and Scaling of Your Fitness Studio


Voicemail Drop

Our system's Voicemail Drop feature effortlessly enables personalized messaging to clients at scale. This feature can leave voicemails directly in your client's mailbox, allowing for uninterrupted communication even when they're unavailable, enhancing engagement and connectivity.



Our Integrated Email feature helps streamline your client communication under one roof. With custom templates, automation, and real-time tracking, you can connect with your clients efficiently, personalizing their journey, and boosting conversion rates.


Text Messages

Our Automated Texts feature helps businesses connect instantly and efficiently with leads. Whether it's promotional messages or personalized updates, this feature can automate and schedule texts, ensuring consistent engagement and higher lead conversion.


Qualification Surveys

The Qualification Funnels feature intelligently segments and filters leads based on their interactions and responses. This ensures that you spend time and resources on the most promising prospects, thereby increasing efficiency and conversion rates.


Interview Scheduling

Our Scheduling feature optimizes your calendar management process, allowing leads to book appointments based on your availability. This reduces the back-and-forth typically associated with scheduling, improving the customer experience and enhancing productivity.


Appointment Reminders

Forget missed appointments with our Appointment Reminder feature. Automated and customizable, it sends timely reminders to clients via email or text, reducing no-shows and ensuring a smoother, more efficient client engagement process.

Integrates With Your Preferred Calendar System:

Don't change your daily scheduling system to accommodate a hiring platform, let a hire platform integrate with your daily calendar!